In a life packed with challenges, we believe in seeking strength in the deepest dormant parts of ourselves to overcome any obstacle. We believe every person is equipped with what it takes to achieve their ultimate potential; mind and body
- that's all you need!

And this is how Asylum came about..

Asylum is the first OCR facility in Ras Al Khaimah, curated in a 6,000 square feet warehouse. It was established as a sanctuary for strength seekers to harbor the competitive, the hesitant, the fit and those who are just simply looking to have fun or be part of our active community.

Whether it is your first time doing an obstacle course race or want to beat your personal best or even compete, we will coach you physically and mentally to unlock your true potential.

To create a refuge for like-minded people seeking to be a stronger version of themselves.

Asylum strives to deliver unique sessions to keep you active and wanting more. We are everything BUT traditional in the way we train. Our tailor-made sessions are raw and our instructors are real; they will motivate you and push you through each workout focusing on Asylum’s 4 pillars: Function, Strength, Performance, and Endurance.


We tackle self-doubts and fears


We nurture resilience


We bring everyone together


We believe in fun!